Wonderful review of MARVEL 2020 ISLE exhibition
TIME:2020-09-04 14:56:06 WRITER:佚名 SOURCE:Marvel Technology

By 2020, Shenzhen ISLE will fully integrate the latest technology and innovations from the application side of e-government, smart city, audiovisual scenery, systems integration, new retail production equipment, smart signage and digital printing, and take the lead in setting up large-scale product experience scenarios and order creation. + Exhibition + Experience the new model and lead the new global industry trend with a new attitude.


In this exhibition, MARVEL not only exhibited LCD vertical advertising displays, outdoor digital signage and smart bus system, but also exhibited many other products. It also showcased digital signage displays, such as facial recognition temperature measurement kiosks and disinfection devices, and hand sanitizer dispensers for COVID-19 protection.
Marvel also showed exhibitors the latest generation of LCD monitors. After personal testing from many foreign customers, the excellent performance of the products has led to a large number of orders through our website.


KN95 Face Mask

Disposable face mask

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Add:6th Fl Block 14 and 5th Fl,Block 2, Longbi Industrial Area, No 27, Dafa Rd, Bantian Longgang District,Shenzhen,China.



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