Marvel has unveiled its wall mounted & floor stand hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk station
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Marvel has unveiled its wall mounted & floor stand hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk station. Hand sanitizer floor stand station features an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid option as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial grade 21.5’’ display that runs on Marvel's cloud-based content management software (CMS).The Automatic hand sanitizing station is for covid-19 videos or other advertising and sanitizer dispensing to prevent from human indirect contact. It can be used in many public places, like shopping centre entrance, hospital entrance, banks or medical clinics, school entrance, building entrance, toilet entrance, etc. The hand sanitizer station stand systems are perfect for high traffic public such as malls, airports, grocery stores, schools or museums. It's a good way to protect ourselves. The automatic dispenser can dispense the hand sanitizer or liquid hand soap without touch to avoid any cross-infection.This convenient and useful hand sanitiser dispenser stand comes with a digital signage window. Because Digital signage allows you to display a series of advertisements, messages, videos, news feeds and other forms of communication conents. you can display more content in a short period. Plus, you can remotely control the screen content from any computer at any time using a cloud-based digital signage software.Comparing to the traditional Digital Signage, this smart device can catch more target audience.Marvel hand sanitizer station stand advantage as below:1.Height Adjustment Supported2.Lack of Sanitizer Information Display on Screen with Alarm words, Remote Monitoring Lack of Sanitizer by Cloud Service3.CMS Software Provided for free based on Android board4.Liquied(Spray),Gel,Foam Supported5.Container Capacity 1L (3L supported)6.Body Temperature Testing7.Camera Supported8.With the software shows the temperature value on screen and anounce it automaticlly, support multiple language.

Newly launched marvel technology face recognition kiosk, supports advertising, Temperature Detection and hand sanitizing.  
 With a 21.5 inch LCD panel,and adjustable machine stand,provides you more business options during pandemic.   
Temperature module accuracy is ±0.2℃,alarm will be trigger if any suspicious high body temperature people.   
We provide 1 liter and 3 liter capacity sanitizer container, and 3 kinds of different nozzles (spray , gel , foam). In the meantime, sanitizer running out notification will be given by our software,our aim is to provide you smarter and easier solution.   
Marvel’s team integrated content management software with above mentioned temperature detection function and face recognition function, we are providing one stop face recognition solutions, for now face recognition attendance system is available, this supports companies to manage employees daily attendance.


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